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Another New Face!

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Hi All! I apologize, this is a bit lengthy.

I found this site while trying to help my furbaby Matti recover from some urinary problems. It looks an awful lot like another forum I joined to help educate myself about GSD's in the hopes that I will add one to my family in the future. (Is it possible that this site was designed by the same person???)

I have also come here because, while the GSD site is excellent in providing raw diet info for dogs, I need more help with raw for my cat!

As a child I wasn't allowed pets beyond fish, mostly because everyone in my family suffers from allergies (but don't let that fool you, we all love animals). When I stumbled upon Matti while volunteering for a shelter, he'd been surrendered at 6wks of age because his "family" thought he was too young. When I first met him, I'd been cuddling him because he was the cutest little furball, and come on, who doesn't cuddle kittens? Anyhow, I put him down to play and he kept coming back to me as if to say "you're staying here right? you're not leaving, right?". After the 4th or 5th time, I decided to give it the weekend and lo and behold, he was still there when I returned that Monday.

Fast forward to about 3 months ago when he peed on the bed. I whisked him off to the vet's and discovered he had a MASSIVE bladder infection and struvite crystals.

He's all better now, and after we move so I can begin grad school, he will be transitioning to a raw diet from the prescription food the vet insists on. I want to make transitioning easy on him, so I will wait to change his food until he's comfortable in his new digs!
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