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Another newbie

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I stumbled upon this site one day when I was looking up info to feed our felines a raw diet. We have four cats. Our big orange tabby is Ralph, he's almost 10 years. Timmy is our large Blue Point Siamese, he's around 6 years and his brother Tweak who's a grey tabby and same age and last but not least our little Baby, she's a Seal Point Siamese that weighs about 4 pounds on a good day. But don't let her small stature throw you off, she can hold her own. Our last three cats came from a rescue shelter. After we lost one of our Siamese cats to crystals in the bladder we wanted to adopt another Siamese and came across an awesome shelter that has provided us with three of our four felines. So that's us and I look forward to getting know you guys and learning as much as I can to better our feline family.
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Thanks for the welcome!! I'll have to work on getting a pic in my siggy of our feline family yet.
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