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Another "Things my cat does." :)

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Since Pierre is my first cat owning independently - everything we've gone through has been trial and error.
Here are some ways I find him hysterical, and easy on my budget:

1) He plays with milk/orange juice plastic rings. If it has a plastic ring around it - he'll find it and play with it until I deem it no longer acceptable due to multiple bite holes in it.

2) He'll build his own "nest" and lay in it. I've actually SEEN him nudge, carry and move socks into piles so he can rest on them. Why not just use one of your MULTIPLE cat beds, silly?

3) He likes his dog toy more than he does his little mouse ones. Payback maybe? Haha!

4) Perhaps the MOST SHOCKING thing he's done: My boyfriend and I were on the phone and were having a very heated conversation. My voice was raised and Pierre was in the room. He made his way onto the top of my bookshelf where the framed picture of my boyfriend and I was. The argument went on & next thing I know - Pierre was just staring at me. I caught his gaze and the minute I did, he pawed our picture off the bookshelf and it came crashing down to the floor. Needless to say, my cat apparently takes my side when it comes to arguments. Hahahhaha!

I've read a few things people have shared on the forum and enjoyed them all greatly. Do you have any other interesting/hysterical/odd things your cat does?!
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