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Emma has either an allergy or a skin condition or something else, resulting in what looks like dried discharge under and on her nose. Vet prescribed antibiotics, under the theory that if that cures things, great, otherwise we'll have to do a biopsy or some such testing.

Vet wanted to do an injection good for two weeks. I opted for clavamox twice a day, thinking it would be safer. Early in the year, Emma was sneezing, etc. and was better after a round of clavamox.

Does a pill twice a day sound safer than an injection lasting two weeks?
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Yes, it does. In my opinion, the ONLY time the long-acting injectable antibiotic should be used is in the case of a feral who absolutely can not be handled or successfully dosed with oral medication. In all other cases, oral antibiotics are much safer than injectables, esp. long-acting injectables.

I would never have thought to question the vet on this if not for posts by you and others here.

thank you.
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