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So! Time for an update. It's been over a month, and let me just tell you, there's been a huge change in him.

... BUT - He's still being painfully aggressive. THe first 2 weeks after he came back from the vet, he tried to attack and latch onto me, but he decided a love bite and an arm hug and some purring would suffice.

I think the aggression really started back within the past week and a half. He's back to randomly jumping on my arm and latching on and biting as hard as he can. Sometimes, when he does it, I think he scares himself and he will "jump" a couple of times between biting me and kicking with his back legs. He does this even if I've said nothing, and not touched him. It's weird.

So, the only thing I can think of that's changed is our "morning routine" - He has been sleeping a lot more than before he was neutered. And he's gained an extra pound and a half. This is normal right? He looks like he's chubbing up pretty quickly, so I've been keeping a closer eye on his food. I also just switched his food last week. Anyway, back to our "morning routine".. As of late, he hops into my bed when it's my bedtime. He refuses to snuggle with me at night. I don't get any snuggle time unless he feels that he needs it. (sadface!) The nightmare starts at 3-4am, depending on the day, how the planets are aligned, lol.

(The order in which he does these godawful things vary)

Bite mommy's arm, pounce away, pounce back and bite harder. Meow, meow, meow. Failing that, he will go to the opposite side of my bed and try to climb up my 3 tier floor lamp (which has has knocked over in the middle of the night and almost busted the glass on my face while I was sleeping. This lamp has been an issue since I first got him.) Usually, that wakes me up and I throw a pillow in his general vicinity and tell him no. After that, he runs out of my room and gets a running start to jump onto my blinds. I leave the blinds open completely during the day so he can watch stuff outside AND so he doesnt tear them to shreds. I have 4 large windows, so there's an abundance of blinds to go after in my room. By this time, I'm aggravated and almost completely awake, regardless of whether it's 3 or 4am. After the lamp issue, he will get under my bed and start attacking either my boxspring or the wood pieces under my bed. I mean, he will lay on his back and claw himself from top to bottom of the bed, back and forth.

At this point, I'm usually just incredibly frustrated. I've tried locking him out of my room. Picture incoming, because that's a whole nother issue in itself. He cries and cries and cries and has torn the bottom of my door to shreds.

Anyway, depending on the length and intensity of our "morning battle," depends on how aggressive he will be through out the day. Very rarely will he wake me up with purring and cuddles and trills.

Time-Out | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

That's Apollo in "time out." I've tried putting a towel under the door so he can't claw and chew on the bottom of the door, but no matter how tightly I've stuck it under there, he forces it out pretty violently. (It's actually a cute picture and I only put him in my room while I cleaned out his litter box, but he was still sad and crying "mommmmmm lemme oouuuttt"

So, am I right to assume that I just have an aggressive little man on my hands? I've been walking away from him and giving no eye contact when he attacks me for no reason, and that seems to stop him from coming right back and doing it again and again like he used to when I just pushed him off me.

I really thought he'd calm down once he was neutered. I guess I can't have it all, lol. Aside from his aggression, he has been a joy to have since he got back from the clinic, maybe because he spends more time sleeping, rofl. I love when he's about to lay down for a nap and he's kneading his blanket and he just stares at me with his sleepy eyes and trills at me.

I know I've been posting about his aggression since I first started posting here, and I've asked if anyone had any suggestions.. But I'm still going to ask again. Any suggestions at all?

I realize he just wants to play in the morning, but it's unacceptable at 3 and 4am. There's nothing I'm doing to provoke his aggression when he attacks me. It just happens out of nowhere.

Heeelllpppp? Sorry for the long post again, I needed to get as much in as I could, lol.
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