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Are these short haired?

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They are eight weeks. I think they are short haired bc their mom is but their fur is very soft and silky feeling and they have a ton of longer hairs sprouting up around the shorter hairs. What do you all think?

I guess I'll find out soon enough in a few weeks :)
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i can't edit this page but someone in another thread said they are definitely short haired! Oh well! They're cute anyway :)
I wanted short haired cats, I like the sleek look. But then I saw Ollie and Miley who Are kind of medium to long haired and fell in love with their personalities. They are only 7 months so their hair will get longer I guess.
Yes, they look like shorthairs. The longer fur is "kitten fuzzies" that eventually fall out.
Love the lilac points and that blue grey one is darling.
daawwww. Nothing cuter. :luv

My tabby is a year now, he is a short hair but has lovely bits of longer hair all over. I do wonder if it's just his tabby colouring which makes them more prominent or if he just inherited this mixed hair length lol.
Are his eyes really so blue or are those contacts?
Ollie is a ginger tabby and he has little long hairs that you can see sticking out beyond the rest. He is 7 months today. I don't know if it's kitten coat or what, but I plan on using some kind of grooming brush on him and see what that does because sometimes he runs around like Pigpen with a cloud of cat hair flying off of him and the double sided pet brush and flea comb I have been using are not working. :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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