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for some reason one fo my two cats is getting WAY too many urinary tract infections.

it looks liked he is blocked again. and i have to wait until the morning to take the poor thing to the vet, so he has to suffer the night. and i have to suffer the night.

what is going on??? why does he keep getting an infection. the first time the vet gave me a low ph food. the second time, he gave me a high ph food, cause the infection was caused by low ph.

is there something that i need to be doing to keep this from happening all the time???

i don't want to put him to sleep, but i cannot afford 150 bucks every 4 weeks. more if he gets blocked. like now.

sigh, help, please.

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Hello quickquest88

I had the same problem with my kitty once but unfortunately he did not make it. Usually after suffering a uti there is a possibility that the will suffer one again the following weeks. I would say one infection after another is possible, I do not know if a third one is...

I quote from

"Once plugged, a high percentage (50 to 75 percent) of these cats will have the same problem time and again, and often surgery is required to maintain urine flow. The surgery, called perineal urethrostomy, enlarges the urethra."

The cause for urinary blockage is something blocking the urethra, like bacteria, stones or crustals, I do not know if low/high ph have anything to do with it. I do not mean to misjudge the vet, but I would also seek the opinion of a second vet |after| he is cured. Personally I would go for surgery.

Since your kitty has already suffered three utis I would suggest contacting a vet near your house who can make house calls. It is not vital for the kitty to see the vet instantly after he is blocked, however it is the third time as you say, and as far as I know the symptoms do not appear right after the blockage, so if his kiddneys have not fully recovered from the previous two, uti can lead to uremic shock very fast.

I hope everything goes well and wish your kitty the best :) [/i]
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