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I have gone through a roller coaster of health problems with these poor kittens, I feel horrible.

I'd like to take the time to break it down and to get further insight.

Lyric is 10 months old, first set of shots done, going for second set this week
Delta is 8 months old, second set of shots done, going for final shot this week
Kairi is 5 months old, going for first set of shots this week.

They are all fed a raw diet.

We just went through a bout of conjunctivitis with my newest kitten, Kairi. I took them all to the vet as soon as I saw her eye watering. She was prescribed terramycin, 3x a day for 7 days. Lyric and Delta caught onto it so I did the same with them, 3x a day, 7 days... it's finally cleared up but their vet said that Kairi's conjunctivitis was most likely due to feline herpes. From what I know, feline herpes is contagious, and which I am assuming my two other kittens already have it as they've never been separated from each other.

I am supplementing them with L-lysine every day. What other things should I be doing for them? They're doing great as of right now, eating, playing, drinking normally. Eyes are clear, no sneezing...

Some of you have seen my previous thread about Lyric being sick, having breathing problems... he was treated for a URI and he's been breathing normally. I took him to the vet we normally go to for a check-up when Kairi had her eye problems, and he said that he's quite sure that Lyric has a mild case of asthma. He told me that it's nothing to worry about at this present moment and to keep an eye on his breathing, and if he has any troubles doing so, or is having open mouth breathing to bring him in and we will start treating him for asthma.

I feel like I am not doing enough for them. I am researching as much as possible, but am just stumped. The poor things have gone through so much in their short lives!

What else CAN I do?
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