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My cat Mouser has asthma. The vet said that it could be treated with steroids but he thought that that was too extreme and harsh. He said that it would have many bad side effects and it would make Mouser no joy to be around.

Mouser doesn't have asthma attacks much in the winter. As a matter of fact I have only seen him have one this year and it didn't last very long. But summer is just around the corner here in Louisiana (one of the worst states to have a respiratory problem in) and with summer comes increased asthma attacks as well as increased outside time (right now my indoor/outdoor cats are spending the vast majority of their time inside because they don't like the weather).

Is there anything I could do to ease Mouser's asthma attacks besides steroids? I can't deny him his outside time because he needs his excercise and going out into the woods behind our house and playing is one of his great joys in life.

- koneko
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