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I have previously posted about a stray I found the night before Thanksgiving and I'm posting again to maybe find him a loving home. We are located in Oceanside, NY but willing to travel to get him to a great owner. This is one of the most amazing cats I have ever met and I work in rescue so I have fostered many kitties. If I didn't already have 2 dogs and 2 cats he would be staying. I have had him for almost 2 weeks now and one of my kitties is not at all happy. If I cannot find him a home in the next week or so he will be going to stay at the adoption center of the rescue I work for, but I would love for him to go from my home directly to another home instead. Now about Romeo:
  • Fixed Male
  • around 2 years old
  • FIV negative
  • around 9 pounds
  • litter box trained (has never had an accident at my house in 2 weeks)
  • good with my dogs and cats even though they are not happy about him
  • loves to cuddle and sit in your lap
  • very friendly to everyone he meets
  • likes to follow you around the whole house like a dog
  • has a somewhat sensitive tummy - I gave him a can of Trader Joe's oceanfish formula and he got sick so I would stay away from fish with him. He has done well on all other flavors of wet and he is currently eating 4health dry along with his wet.
  • Did I mention he's a huuuuuge lovebug :)
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You can PM me if interested
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