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I took in 4 14 week old kittens, every one tested negative for FIV and FeLV. Fully vaccinated once the rescue put them up for adoption. After vaccinations/testing negative, I let my little kitten Ratchet who was 2 months older than the 4some play with them in the kitten room and even have sleep overs. He was SO happy to have play buddies as my 11 year old despises him.

Molly, one of the 4, just passed away. Necropsy showed FeLV. She came in contact with both my kitties, her siblings, and many other cats while up for adoption. I'm just beside myself. We almost adopted her.

My senior kitty had a full blood panel done in January, and it showed elevated white blood cells. I have her full bloodwork but I just don't understand them. She's had a vomiting and diarrhea issue for the last 3 months, and it finally went away two weeks ago, except three days ago the vomiting started again. Her weight is fine, however. Ratchet went through a phase of extreme weight loss, twice. He's back to normal and actually 9.5lbs at 6 months old.

At this point I can't tell who the culprit is for bringing FeLV into my house, if even. my older kitty I got at 10, and she was indoor/outdoor until I got her. She's always been off and on sick and has always had high white blood cell counts. I'm not sure if there's anything anyone can reply with, I'm just lost. The thought of losing my foster, and on top of that my two own kitties possibly being positive and dying.

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Aww, I'm so sorry... what a terrible thing to have to go through, especially when they're so young. The Kittens' mother likely passed it on to them. Have you seperated the kittens? You don't want the one that may be negative (tests can be inaccurate at a young age) getting it too.

Often FeLV cats can live a decent life span if they have adequate vet care... I hope the other two that tested positive live with the FeLV in remission or can overcome it.
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