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Azalia's Vet Visit Today

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Azalia has struggled with weightloss for some time. She ballooned up to 12.7 lbs when I was feeding her EVO dry a couple of years ago. Then, over time, she managed to go down to 11 lbs 3 oz as of last year. This year, she was a svelte 9 lbs 6 oz. Everything was good, teeth, eyes, ears, coat, etc.

The vet did inquire about how I got her down in weight, and I described her current diet. She congratulated me on the weighloss, and Azalia went back happily in her carrier. I was so happy for her. She was having lots of issues due to her weight, even last year. She was regaining the ability to groom herself properly, but still would be rather lazy when the other cats would engage in play.

Good job, Azalia...she's ready for the Summer!

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oh how pretty :)

how old is she? i don't want to alarm you but i had kind of the same problem with diotima (it was only 1 lb. but she's not a big kitty) and when she finally started losing (seemingly effortlessly) it was because her thyroid was 13.2. (it's supposed to be between 2 and 4).

any cat over 7 should have a baseline blood test. she had hers when she was 8 but didn't have this problem until she was 13. her level last time was 2.6, we're getting a regular check again on monday.
She is about 3.5 years old. I wouldn't say she lost weight effortlessly. I have been portioning her food for over a year now, at least, and we have gone through several stages of raw, and several types and brands of canned foods to find what worked best for her.
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