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Hey there,

I just wanted to ask you all about something.

My brother and his family are gonna take a 3 week long trip in December. They have a cat that must be about 4 months old now, so she'll be about 8 months old in December.

My sister in law is checking places here in this city where she could leave her. But they're all SO expensive, it's ridiculous! and she will probably be stuck in a cage? That's what I imagine those places to be like. She doesn't want to leave her alone 'cause she makes a mess when they're gone a few days.

I was thinking she could bring her over and we could keep her in a room. It's kinda cruel to keep her in one room all day, but I figure it's better than in one of those places. I have a 7 month old cat too, he's neutered, but he goes in and out of the house and this cat won't be able to do that. That's another reason to keep her locked.

I'm just thinking keeping her in there and not even introducing them. What for? It's just a temporary thing. My cat doesn't seem very sociable. I don't know about her, just saw her once when she was 2 months old and never again.

I wanted to ask before making this offer to my sis in law. I don't even think she'll be happy with the idea, but she hasn't got much choice. I'm kinda giddy at the idea of babysitting another kitty tho, but I don't know if I might regret it. What sort of thing should I be expecting? :roll:

Opinions will be appreciated :D
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