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Back again, 2 years has Pancreatitis again!

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My poor little Meatball started puking Friday night. The vet couldnt get me in until this past Monday, and just as I had predicted - a flareup of his chronic pancreatitis :(

The vet kept him over night and gave him IV fluids. He stopped eating Friday so the vet gave me two cans of prescription wet food, a syringe and nutrical. Oh, not to mention 1/2 methocol tab per day and amox twice daily :fust

Anyway, this time isnt quite like the last flare up he had, Im having a hard time getting him to drink or eat anything. I do get about 2 tsp's of nutri-cal in his mouth a day with the syringe and I was able to get some of the liquid food into the syringe and get two or so full syringe-fuls of food down.

Any other suggestions to coax him to eat/drink? I dont want his liver getting fatty like it dad the last time he had pancreatitis... almost lost him!
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