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Hey Everyone,
I have been so busy with school I haven't been on here much lately! I hope everyone is well!

So here's my problem. My kitten is now 5 months old. I am feeding him Nutro Natural because I'm STILL not through the bag! I have less than a quarter left and I am buying Natural Balance on Wednesday and will be switching then.

1. Do kittens normally have bad breath? It really if he opens his mouth you can smell it. He is losing teeth left, right and centre...can that have something to do with it? I check his mouth and all looks clean and fine, no sores....just some growing teeth!
2. His box stinks really bad. Could this be the food? Someone told me that sometimes if his box stinks and he has bad breath it means he is not digesting his food properly. However he doens't seem to have any gas at all which could indicate a digestion problem. I use Maxx cat clumping litter and I sprinkle Arm and Hammer odour eater on top.
3. He sneezes a couple times a day. Is that something to worry about and could it be linked to bad breath? He is going to the vet on October 30 for his pre-neuter check up. I will take him before then though if these things sound like they might be indicating some kind of infection.

Everything about him is normal, he eats, sleeps, drinks and plays. He uses the box and everything looks normal, but smells bad! His teeth are coming in healthy looking and SO white. It doesn't look like he has any kind of infection anywhere and I check everyday.

Any ideas? Thanks!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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