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My cats dont really have that much of the "bad breath", well maybe Twinkie does. He smells like fish kind of whenever he yawns in my face or licks me. I'm just thinking Sugars got good breath cuz hers doesnt smell like anything, but I think it may be b/c of the new teeth also, but if all else fails get their teeth cleaned, which is what I did when I got them neutered and spayed b/c the vet said the cats were under anesthetics and that its easier to get their teeth cleaned while they were already knocked out, so they dont spit it back out.

As far as the stinky box, Twinkie doesnt really leave a stinky box unlike Sugar, its strange she realli Stinks it up! Even when she covers it up which she doesnt do all the time by the way. I feed them both the same and vet says their healthy so I guess its just how that goes..

My cats dont really sneeze that much anymore but when I got them from the pound they used to do it alot but I guess as they got used to the apt and such it went away, plus I vacuum more frequently now so that might of helped too.. Sounds like your cat is pretty healthy tho, doesnt sound like anything serious just I guess he's just a stinker , hehe :oops:
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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