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Bad Kitty Gets By on Looks Alone!

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I have a kooky, adorable little kitten named Chloe. And as beautiful and lovely as she looks...she is a menace!

Water - she will wake up out of a peaceful slumber when she hears someone turn on the faucet...she'll hop onto the counter, and climb into the sink, all the while avoiding the running water, but completely entranced by it! I have tried EVERYTHING and now need some advice...or is this just a hopeless case? My only fear is that while she loves the sink, a hot stove is not far from it and she can hurt herself.

Running out - I live in an apartment complex. When I open the door to come in, Chloe zooms out, runs upstairs to the landing above, and sits there (as if she was waiting for someone to welcome her in :) We used to be able to lure her back down by dangling one of her favorite toys, but that doesn't work anymore. Tonight, I started coming up the stairs to grab her, and she ran down and back into my apartment...then ran back upstairs when I was about to shut the door! This is an ongoing battle. She sits by the door once she hears keys - knowing she can scoot out faster than we could ever catch her!

She climbs EVERYTHING, scratches ANYTHING, and is an all around mischievous little one! She and our older cat, Mason, will run tirelessly around our 2 bedroom apt and it sounds like a herd of elephants! I know they are playing, but my apartment ends up in shambles. We have plenty of toys, the scratching post collects dust more than anything else. I've tried spraying her with water (but as I mentioned, she loves it), I've tried patting her behind, the stern "NO", even those air cans to clean your keyboard. Nothing, and I mean nothing, seems to phase her.
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I wouldn't worry about the sink behaviour. Every cat I've know loves to lap out of the sink. This does not mean she will graduate to sitting on the hot burners of the stove. She is a kitten though, so just in case, you should leave those burner covers or a pan on the burners until they cool down.

As for the running out of the apartment. Have you tried stomping your feet really loud before you enter the door? Sometimes I bark at my cats :oops: . Loud noises seem to deter them from running out into the great outdoors. Also, I often approach the door with my heels and legs firmly together and my toes turned out. This serves as a way to block her from leaving. When you enter the door, open it just a crack and slowly make you way inside. Eventually you should be able to stop this behaviour, but right now, she is still a kitten and you can't blame her for her energy.

As for tearing around your apartment, that is also normal kitten behaviour, especially when she has a buddy to hang out with. This should lessen as she gets older, but my seven year old cat still does it occassionally :roll: . What I've done is to remove breakable items from the living room because that is where they're main romping transpires. Since she is not bothered by water or loud noises, have you tried removing her from the surface she is scratching and moving her to the scratching post? Sometimes moving her paws like she is scratching will help her get the idea. I've also heard that a can full of coins is a good disciplinary mechanism.
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