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I must have missed how old Clohe is, however I did read that she is a kitten. Somewhere around 6 months they generally start to grow out of kittenish behaviors. she is just a baby, and showing childlike behavoir, just as our own children do when they are children. She needs to be taught things is all, and to grow out of her behavior.

The door thing is common as well with some cats. I can not stress enough that if you dont want an outside cat, do not give in to letting her out the door. I always slam the screen door a couple times before I open the door, so they run away. You could also knock really loudly or stomp your feet to get them away from the door. You really just have to train yourself to use caution.

My kitty Lilly is addicted to water as well. She is the only one I have that actually loves water! This morning I was in the shower and she was standing inside the tub..on the other side of the curtain so she wasnt getting soaked! Also she is always there in the sink every time I run water. Also when I flush the toilet! She isnt growing out of it, so I kinda ignor it. Also I think its sorta cute. :roll: I bought Lilly a water fountain. This may help curb your cats addiction. try

Good luck!
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