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Salutations CatForum!

A bit about myself and my little family. I am a young professional, recently married, and living in north Alabama. My hobbies include any type of crafts and mainly sewing. I also enjoy a little bit of vegetable gardening, reading, furniture remodeling, and am a huge fan of a couple ShowTime series (namely Dexter and Homeland). Wow, reading that I am a little bit all over the place. Most of my free time is spent with my pets - two precious dogs and a new sweet addition, our cat Baloo.

It's sort of a long story how Baloo came to be a part of our family. Last summer, my kitty (really, more like my child) passed from the genetic heart condition HCM. He was only 2 years old and it was very sudden. After many long months of healing, this January we decided to adopt from a rescue instead of having another cat from a breeder (just FYI our breeder was amazing and happens to be a vet. I did research on HCM before adopting my baby and all of the breeder cats in the program had been screened the year of his birth and were negative. These things just happen. They offered us another kitten but we decided against it.)

So we began looking for a rescue cat. When speaking to a caretaker of the cats at a local rescue, I mentioned I was not against adopting a special needs cat. She then got very excited and brought out a gray cat (something around 3-5 years old, vet's guess) whom she said was very sweet. All she could tell us is that he was found as part of a feral colony during a trap and release project, he was neutered and found to be FIV positive. Yes, our little boy is FIV positive. Because of his sweet demeanor and the FIV which is a death threat in the wild, she decided to keep him and find him a home. She had not been showing him to anyone for nearly 3 years because unfortunately no one was interested in an FIV cat. He had been isolated to a tiny room with other mostly feral FIV cats for the last few years. Anyhow, she told us to just take him home and try and if it doesn't work out then we can bring him back anytime.

True to her word, he is amazing. The sweetest, friendliest, smartest cat we could ever ask for. He gets along swimmingly with the dogs and even my husband really loves him (which is a feat - my hubby hates cats!). We took him to the vet and were told he is as healthy as a horse, other than quite a few missing teeth. He just needs his little teeth brushed a few times a week and plenty of play time to keep his immune system at its best. He is wonderful - except one problem which brought me to the forum. He has built a habit of meowing, crying, yowling, and screeching at random times. I will post more about this in the behavior section because we are running out of suggestions! Anyways, other than keeping us up all day and night, he is wonderful and we are so happy to have his sweet heart in our family :)

As for my other pets... I have a 3 year old shar pei mix and a 2 1/2 year old golden retriever. They are both the most cat friendly dogs I have ever seen, it is sort of ridiculous. They are both wonderful and are currently doing obedience trials which we are excited about. No kids yet, or probably any time soon for us... hm, maybe never. Our pets are really like our children and I am happy to join a forum with other pet lovers!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday! If there is anything you want to know, feel free to ask. And please look for my post in the behavior section to help Baloo! Here is a picture of him below :)

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