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This is ringo. Hes the barn kitty at the barn i keep my horse at.

Every time i go to the barn to ride,ringo follows me to the barn and waits for me to feed him. I keep a tupperware container of dry food in my trunk and a baggie of cat treats too. So i feed the food and give him a bowl of water too.

But now i think ive spoiled ringo with cat treats. He will only eat the treats...haha but ive gotten him to eat the regular food too. Sometimes i will teach him to sit and touch before he gets a treat. :)

I love ringo. He is soooo friendly. hes been at the barn for a long time now. so im not sure how old he is.

I feel bad for ringo though. Hes not aloud inside the owner's house. Theres an empty room that has a couch inside. he can go there. just not the house.

so he hangs out there in the winter time. hes a tuff kitty.
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