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Hi everyone. It's been a long time since I've posted here. I lurk a lot and don't get on the computer much between working, doing an internship, and school. Internship and school will be over on December 17th when I graduate so I should be able to come on and interact with everyone more.

I've got some exciting news....I'm getting a new kitten. Her name is Victoria and she is 4 weeks old. I'm bringing her home at 8 weeks. She is the first cat I've gotten since my heart cat passed away in March 2010 at the young age of 9. There is some interesting circumstances around me getting Victoria that involves a mama cat showing up at my internship and a dream I had about her the day she was born without me even knowing she had been born. Between these circumstances I feel that my dear departed Sheba has sent me Victoria to care for and that I'm meant to have this kitten.

I posted a picture of her in the photo forum about a week ago and if I can remember to get on the computer when I get home I will post another one of her at 4 weeks. She will be 5 weeks on Thursday and I'm going to go see her this weekend.

Any advice you can give me on a new kitten will be appreciated since its been 6 years since I've had a kitten. I just hope my current cats will take to her well. They smell her on me when I've been to see her and it doesn't seem to bother them. I know how to go about introducing cats, and I will be keeping Victoria in my bedroom when I'm not home to supervise.
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