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Now...start!(I put only 2 photos for cat...)
This is Tigro, he is nicknamed Tirchio.He has got orange hairs and brown eyes. He's half 1 year old.
Why the name?Because he's like a Tiger, and in Italian tiger is "Tigre", but he is male, so he becomes Tigro :D
Why the nickname?Tirchio is greedy in English, why "Greedy"?Cause he wants all food and pettings for him...

This is Miao, nicknamed Inator. He's a Siamese cat with cute blue eyes.He's half 1 year old.
Why the name?Miao is "meow" in Italian. He meows all the time :D
Why the nickname?It's a very very stupid reason... do you know Dr. Doofenshmirtz?(Phineas and Ferb), so, he made some inators, and my mother had wanted to name the cat like it xD

(Here is on the right with Teo(RIP :( )
With Tigro :D

Now....Mucchina and Nerino!I don't know much of them, cause are stray kittens ^^ But you can call it Mucchi and Nery


Finish!Hope you like it!

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Tigro is a great looking cat! Is he the alpha cat in your household?
He looks like he has a take charge personality. :)
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