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Hey everybody,
My name is Corrie and my husband and I recently fell in love with the playfulness and camaraderie of the Bengal breed. Two and a half years ago we adopted a young male named Tiberius, and over the past year and a half we have been talking about getting him a little sister.
Two weeks ago we brought home Zula, a ten week old female. Despite the fact that it has been two weeks, we feel like Ty is still rejecting Zula - to the point where we think he would actually kill her if we left them alone together.
I hate to bring this up in my first post, but it is the reason that I joined the forum and this is one of my last resorts. Obviously we can not create a permanent situation in which Tiberius is constantly on edge and stalking Zula; and I am afraid that if this does not improve within the next couple of days that we will need to find a new home for her. Obviously I would be extremely upset since she and I are pretty attached at this point.
It's probably not surprising that Zula is extremely boisterous due to her age and breed. She gets along fine with Tiberius for the most part, except when he bites onto her neck, wraps his hind legs around her and begins kicking. He will usually not let go of her until we make a loud noise or somehow break them apart. We are not sure if this is play; but if it is, it is extremely rough. Tiberius will often stalk her in a pretty menacing way, sometimes twitching his tail. Although we try to keep him away from her, he will chase her frequently. Like I said, when he does grab a hold of her he pins her down until she squeals and hisses. He generally ignores these warnings.
What's confusing to my husband and I, however, is that Zula seems to think that she is playing with him until he latches onto her for about 30 seconds, and then she begins to act like she doesn't like it. Sometimes when we make a loud noise and distract him she will run away, but other times she will immediately turn around and playfully pounce on him. On her end, it definitely looks like play. I would think that if he was truly hurting her that she wouldn't playfully approach him and pounce on him as frequently as she does.
My main concern is that Ty is being aggressive and that he will always be like this. We introduced them slowly (as is suggested on pretty much every website) and we do "time outs" as well. After two weeks, is there any hope?
Please check out this YouTube video of the two of them and let me know if you think his behavior is anything to be concerned about. Turn the volume up so you can hear the sounds they're making:
Also, any advice from other Bengal owners regarding behavior peculiar to the breed would be great.
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