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Which picture of the other cats do you like best

  • 1. Kitten

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  • 2. Delilah

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  • 3. Samson

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  • 4. Rocky in Planter - full version

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  • 5. Rocky in Planter - cropped version

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  • 6. All Together in Planter

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  • 7. Bandit on Grill

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  • 8. Taz on Woodpile

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  • 9. All Together

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  • 10. Hugging in the Basket

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  • Other - please specify

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Here are pictures of the various other cats in my life. There have been many more, but I didn't get pictures of all of them or they didn't turn out well. Again, suggestions on improvements would be appreciated. ... puser=2610

1. Kitten

This was the only kitten of a stray that lived near us. He actually took care of it rather than the mother. Unfortunately, this kitten died when he got caught in a door as it was shutting.

2. Delilah

This is one of the Vet cats. I love how dramatic her eyes are.

3. Samson

This is the other vet cat.

4. Rocky in Planter - full version

This is one of Zoltan and Knievel's littermates. He was named Rocky by his caretakers because he liked to get into fights.

5. Rocky in Planter - cropped version

This is the same picture as above, but I cropped it down and sharpened the picture. I couldn't decide on whether I should leave the background. I generally prefer close ups, but the foliage makes the picture look so vibrant.

6. All together in planter

These are Zoltan and Knievel's litter mates together. The one on the left is Betty, and the puff balls are Charlie and Rocky.

7. Bandit on Grill

Bandit is one of 4 former strays that became indoor cats when I was growing up. I think I may have over-cropped this photo. I like to make the cat the focus, but the contrast in colors is great - The original is landscape format and has a lot more woodpile, grass, and leaves in it.

8. Taz on Woodpile

Taz is Bandit's only surviving littermates. Their 3 siblings and mother all died. This photo looks much better in person. The scanner really needs to be cleaned.

9. All Together

I like this photo because you almost never see them all cuddled together like that. The gray one is Dizzy and the brown tabby is Duff.

10. Hugging in the basket

This doesn't have very good clarity, but I thought it was really cute.
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