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Birth Defects

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Hello, A stray cat that sometimes hangs around my house had some kittens. I'm not sure how long ago this cat had them but it appears only two has survived as that's all I've seen her with. I was going out yesterday and it was in my driveway with these two kittens. I'd say they are about, maybe a month old. Their eyes are open and they are able to move around a bit.

Both of the kittens looked ok but when I picked them up because I didn't want to back over them with my car. I noticed that one of them has no back paws. At first I thought it was injured. I looked closely and only saw two round stubs where the feet should be. It looks like the back paws didn't develop. I put the Mom cat and her two kittens in my heated shed because it's cold but left a way out for the Mom cat in case she needs to attend to her other kittens if they lived.

I don't have the money right now to take the kittens to a vet. I'm working on that though. I was wondering if anybody has heard of a cat with no back feet. It appears to be very healthy otherwise. It has no other abnormalities that I can see. It's front paws and all four legs look just fine. It just doesn't have it's two back paws. Does anybody know if this will greatly effect the cat in such a way that it will not be able to ever walk or live a good life? If at all possible I would like to keep and care for the cat. It's a cute little guy. I know if I was born with something like that I would want someone to still love me. I just have never heard of anything like this and either has any of my friends.

Is it possible for a cat to learn to walk like this somehow? Any information or tips would be greatly appreciated.
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Weird. My boy Xander had a lame leg we had to have amputated. And a stray cat has shown up outside missing one back foot! She sort of hobbles on it. We don't feel we can take her in now since we already have 4 cats and a dog, but I think she is planning to stick around, so I guess we'll be taking her to the vet to get fixed soon. She's only missing the one foot, and she hobbles on it when walking but lifts it when she runs. I don't know how your kitten will do. Have you seen him walk?
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