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Me & gf are disabled & barely make ends meet. Catlover but after losing my best friend jasmine RIP . Never wanted to go threw that pain again.cant have another cat. Well he was this almost dead kitten who started following me. Then he climbed me like a tree & told me his story. Well I brought him home & saved his ass. He's a great cat. But has cat herpies we think. & this stuff on his nose worries me. It don't come off. He's had amoxicillin, & sum 9 day antibiotics shot . Started go away but came back. We got no money for vet. I'll attach pic of nose .if anyone knows what this is & what I can do to cure it I'd b so thankful. If ya got negative stuff to say like " if ya don't have money for vet you shouldn't have cat." Please don't say nothing. Thank you.
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