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Black 'goo' from my cat's ear

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It's a strange thing. When I first got my cat, Tweek, his ears were very dirty inside. I took him to the vet to get him fixed and he cleaned his ears for me too. I continue to clean his ears, but they continue to get very dirty, very quickly. It's some type of infection it seems. He's constantly scratching his ears; especially if you touch them in any way. After he scratches, he shakes his head violently and often this black 'goo' comes out of his ears. This 'goo' often ends up stuck to a wall or something else. It's really disgusting. This 'goo' is thick and sticky like tar and dries hard.

Does anybody have the slightest idea what's wrong with him and if there is anything I can do about it?

If it has anything to do with it, he also seems to have a hard time breathing. He breathes as if he as asthma.
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Well it could be ear mites, an infection or a food allergy, among other things. If you haven't had him checked for mites, that's a good place to start. If he doesn't have them then I'd bring him to the vet to see if it's an infection. You may need an ear cleaning solution along with an antibiotic to help clear it up.

Also, I'm assuming that your cat is young and this would be rare in a young cat but tumors inside the ears can also cause excessive waxy build up.
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