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Blood in cats poop

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Hi all, my eight month old cat has blood in its poop. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this could be happening?

She has a mixed diet of dried cat nuts and jelly meat. In fact she hates her jelly meat and will only eat it when I starve her of the nuts. Reason for doing this, I thought she was taking in too much dried food but it has'nt improved the "blood in the poop problem"

Does anyone have any advise as what I can do next to help her.

Is this serious?

Thanks :cry:
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Blood in human stool is most offen a sign of ulcers in the stomach or (most likely) the intestines. Depending on how coagulated it is is a sign of where it could be coming from. Is it black? Or relatively red/maroon? If it's black it could be as far back as the large intestine.

Ulcers can be signs of many things. Could be just an ulcer plain and simple (sometimes are side effects of stress), but it could also mean cancer or digestive diseases (I don't know about what ones occur in cats - could worms do it?).

Does her heinie look ok? I've heard of cats who've had very hard stool which is difficult to remove - sometimes causing bleeding.
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