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Blood in Poop

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I'm contacting the vet ASAP. I happened to look at Stormy's poop before she covered it last night and it had some blood in it. I'm wondering if maybe Justin has whatever she has and it is causing his diarrhea also.
Has anyone had anything like this with their cats?
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I agree. It could be worms or something more serious. Please have the vet check him.
It's not easy, Shlanon. If there is a wet food he especially likes, I would crush the pill, add it to a small amount of food, and make sure no other cat gets it. It has to be a rather small amount given while he's really hungry.
shlanon, Please don't feel bad about this. I have given many pills to dogs, but never have been able to give a pill to a cat! The vet knows how difficult it is--almost impossible for anyone who has not had training and lots of practice. It's an invitation to getting clawed or-at least-a lesson in futility!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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