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I can't find the person who posted this in some random post.

However, I went out to Petsmart today, and happened to see the new Blue cat food, as I've said before, the ingredients look really good!
But my lord! It's expensive! hahah.

3 pounds for $9.00

7 pounds for $16.00

Looks like one of the "natural" foods are finally trying to make a name for themselves out in the big market, and a price to match!! :shock:

If you all have access to other good foods besides blue, it would be smart to pass it up if you are a penny pincher like me ha ha. :lol:

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That's about what Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care Kitten Food is:
4 pound bag dry $8.99
8 pound bag dry $15.99

Contains rice and high-quality chicken protein, with no corn or chicken by-products.

When I was just getting started on this kitten food myself, I agreed with the no by-products. Assume good chicken protein is what you want, but rice - it's good for us humans, not sure about cats?

Anyway, I picked up what appears to be almost the same at Walmart - 4lb bag is $3-4. called Maxximum Nutrition Premium chicken & rice formula for kittens. Says right on it made with real chicken and back lists 36%, however also 5th ingredient is corn meal.

I bought Nutro and also got a free sample of Eukanuba - did a taste test putting equal amounts out at the same time and left em - Kitty loves the cheap Walmart stuff, did eat the Nutro too but wouldn't touch the Eukanuba.

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Yes, Maximum Nutrition Kitten is probably know by most ferret and cat rescuers, specially the ones who take care of feral colonies! (including myself formily.)

It's cheap, and yeah it's not half bad, and good high protein for the kittens. Cats can digest rice a little bit, so it does provide a small amount of nutrients for them. I have my quarlles with this food, but over all yes, it's an ok food and I too feed it sometimes.
I'm not to happy about the corn, fish meal (this could designate any type of fish and virtually any part of the fish), and the beef tallow mostly.

Your kittens must have good taste, to know what a horrible company Eukanuba is :)

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Shlanon: I am PM'ing you with some information. I know there are legal reprocutions out there now adays of posting false or true information about companies. I'm not sure if this forum is aware of the laws protecting the companies, but I do not want them to get sued or shut down.

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I feed my cats a blend of Purina One Hairball Formula and Sensible Choice. I worked in a petstore 7 or 8 years ago and we were taught to recommend Sensible Choice and my mom always used Purina One with her cats, so when I got my own, I figured why not mix?

Are there better options for a similar price? I know to check ingredients, but it's been a long time since I worked at the pet store so I can only really tell the decent food from the bad food. Telling the good from the decent is tougher.

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Here you go :)

Highest Grade:
- Blue (sold in PetSmart)
- Natural Balance (sold in Petco)
- Felidae
- Solid Gold
- Innova
- Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul
- Pinnacle
- Wellness
- Timberwolf Organics

Second Grade:
- Natures Variety
- Evolve
- Holistic Blend
- Lick your Chops
- Sensible Choice (sold at Petco)
- Verus

Third Grade:
- Authority (sold at PetSmart)
- Bil-Jac (sold at PetSmart)
- Nutro Natural (sold at PetSmart & Petco)
- Nutro Max (sold at PetSmart & Petco)
- Natures Recpie (sold at PetSmart & Petco)
- Royal Canin (sold at PetSmart & Petco)
- AvoDerm (sold at Petco)
- Avo-Cat (sold at Petco)
- Pro Plan (sold at PetSmart & Petco)
- Purina ONE (sold at PetSmart, Petco, Walmart, Target & Grocery Stores)
- Maxximum Nutrition (sold at Walmart)
- Annamaet
- Artemis
- Azmira
- Eagle Pack
- Excel
- Natural Life
- PetGuard
- Precise
- Premium Edge
- Prism
- Pro Pac
- Professional
- Triumph

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I am thinking that once you feed cats a more expenisve good tasting brand, sometimes they will demand that over cheaper stuff. Personally, I purchase Purina or Friskies and mix it with canned food for them. Since I have so many cats, they are fed from a large tray inwhich I mix the contents of canned food. They all love it and they can nibble at any time day or night the dry food. I have purchased the more expensive stuff before, but I feed it only to a select few, because of their dietary requirements. Tiger, my lynx-point Siamese, has digestion problems, and I feed her several times a day, more so than the others. She eats only a little at a time.

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