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Good morning! I'm Elisabeth and I'm mostly a dog grrrl *gasp*.
I currently own 4 Rottweilers and co own several more with my puppy buying family. I have two kitties; Stinky, a 12ish year old tuxedo dsh, and a recent addition, Boo! , a 16 week old pterodactyl....errr...polydactyl black dsh who looks quite Siamese in the head. We adopted Boo! from the local shelter about a month ago.

Boo! has transitioned into the household with lightening speed, and with no separation time at all. There have been just a few minor altercations between the kitties, which is to be expected when there's a kitten chomping on the tail of the governing cat. No blood shed, no vocalizations, and easily redirected.

I train, show and occasionally breed Rottweilers, and Stinky has been my resident puppy socializer. When pups are 3 weeks old, he's allowed in the whelping box, and he has always been enamored with the poopers, teaching them to respect kitties. It's hilarious to watch them interact! :smile:

Boo! will be his apprentice in this department.
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