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So, i dont think the claritin did much of anything. didnt hurt it, but didnt seem to help much either.

So the other night. Thursday i think?? I put some of the benadryl cream i bought on it for her. and a few cool things happened.
she didnt instantly try to lick it off.
she didnt squirm away from my mom while i was trying to put it on
she looks SO much better even today, just from one application a couple of days ago.

the skin around one of her nibbies, was no kidding swollen to the size of a quarter. now its barely the size of a pencil eraser. and SO much less red. almost normal skin color now! I just now (by myself, so i couldnt do the whole area) put a bit more on her nibbies, while she was showing her belly. but again now, shes not licking it off either!

And just now, she licked me again. she hadnt done that in so long. (sometimes she will just sit and lick my arm, until it hurts lol). so i think overall she feels better.

she looks hideous since i trimmed all the fur around her sore spots as much as i could. her 'pants' are gone for now. but if that combined with this cream works... ill take it! fur will grow back.
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