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To start off, in my intro thread I mentioned her being sick. It's why I joined the forum in the first place.

She puked every day for 1 1/2 months straight. Blood in her urine. Smelly bile vomit. Sleeping more than ever. And eating anywhere from 3-4oz of wet food a day, nothing else.

Vet mentioned pancreatitis. Did her senior panel, diagnostics, urinalysis, and some test for pancreatitis. As well as xrays showing she was bloated.

I've only had her since mid Feb. I was terrified my new kitty was horribly sick!

Two weeks before the vets I switched her to all wet, her puking went to every other day. Vets was on Thursday. Friday I gave her some petromalt twice, and once Saturday morning. Saturday night she puked up a golf ball sized hair ball. Hasn't puked since, and returned to her old self.

The vet called the blood work "remarkable". When I went in she was expecting the worse with all that was going on... I was worried out of my mind! She said her senior panel improved to better than average results compared to last year, and she hasn't seen such good numbers for a 10 1/2 year old kitty in a long time! Then cancelled my follow up appointment for Monday. :)

Just thought I'd share. :p I'm soooo excited! I'm just thrilled there wasn't a single thing wrong with her! It was just a horrible hair ball! She still pukes when she eats dry food though.. which is no biggy. I don't care for kibble. And only eats around 4oz of wet a day.
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