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I have come up with 15 different boy name combo's. Now its up to billy to pick out the one he likes the best. I'm pretty sure he'll like one of them. I'll let you ladies know what name he picks when he picks it.

Caden Gage
Eli Drake
Aiden Drake
Braden Kyle
Alexander Drake
Derrick Alan
Braden Michael
Ethan Michael
Daniel Ryan
Alexander Kyle
Aiden Michael
Loren Drake
Alexander Sean
Eli Gage
Caden Drake

Those are all names i like and i know Billy should like at least 1 or 2 out of all of those. I mean its hard to agree on a boys name. Billy doesn't care too much what I name our daughter as long as its not after some one in one of my favorite TV shows or after a salad dressing lol!
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