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I love my boys...we don't have any children (yet)..we are looking into adoption of a child. We had 2 boys cats until a few days ago.

There is Nibbles who was our first....he is a hoot! He used to run around our apartment and go right up to our sliding glass door and ram it trying to figure out how to get out. He would sleep curled up with us by my husband's feet...and he plays fetch like a dog!!! He's also a bit of a drama queen. If you ignore him he starts crying like there is something wrong and won't stop til you call his name and tell him to stop!

6 months after we got him he started biting us. Not play biting but real biting. The vet suggested getting him a playmate. We were like cat is plenty...but then we fell in love w/a kitten at Petco and brought him home. The biting stopped.

That is how Azrael came into the picture. There was hissing swatting and growling for awhile. Now the two are like peas in a pod. They tumble they chase they clean each other...they're awesome!

Nibbles is my cat because sometimes he acts kind of blond (like I do lol). Az as we call him for short is my husband's cat and pretty much ignores me unless he wants food or treats :)

Now...we have a female kitten that a neighbor gave us as a present. There is definitely high tension between Az and Gizmo (that's what we are calling her because she growls like a gremlin). Nibbles is okay with her..

Not sure what to do about Az and Gizmo there is A LOT of growling, hissing and swatting. I think we should just give it time. At least Az can get up close to her now which he couldn't do a few days ago...

What do you folks think?! :)

Take Care!!
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