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BreakAway Collars?

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I would like to know if anyone hasa opinions on Breakaway Collars vs. Non-Breakaway (normal) Collars.

I use a breakaway on my indoor kitty and it's popped off a few times. He tends to get his jaw caught in it. (But actually hasn't in awhile since I've tightened it a bit more)

My friend is against Breakaways because they pop off too easily and the cat will have No Identification.

Just wondering!
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I used the breakaway collar on Punky when I first got her. She was mischevious so the bell helped me keep tabs on her. In the first 4 or 5 months I had her it never fell off. But she's indoor only...

A friend's outdoor cat uses the breakaway collar, in the summer months he went through about one a month. Personally, I'd rather keep replacing collars and tags every so often than have a potential strangulation hazard on their neck.
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