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my cat is roughly 3 years old and has had difficulty breathing for most of her life. she had phnemonia when we first got her and that seemed to increase her difficulty with breathing. we have taken her to the vet and they reponses have been, water on her lungs, or a small air passage. at the moment they have put her on a steriod drug to help her out its called 'prednisone' but i was wondering if there is anything i could do for her to maybe get her off of drugs and help her breathing more freely. she also went through a period where she was coughly a great deal and was unable to eat anything for days on end. the vet informed me that it had nothing to do with her breathing but i wonder if it might have?!?! so if anyone has any suggestion for me i would greatly appreciate it. she is a great cat with a wonderful personality and i was to ensure she has the best time while she is still with me!!!!! i do not if they might help but she has been on dry food for the whole time i have had her....and its a hairball food most of the time cuase she is along haired cat. please help me in any way possibly thank you. karen
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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