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My cat does that on occasion. There was a time, after I'd had a few people over for Thanksgiving, that she was doing it a fair bit. I was worried, and googled like crazy. This can be a sign of stress, or nausea/acid (and the nausea can itself be a symptom of something else of course).

I had her at the vet shortly after, and he didn't seem too concerned.

She has since stopped. I do hear her doing it on the very odd occasion (like maybe once a month).

I've since attributed it to "she just sometimes gets a little nauseous/upset stomach/acidic, like we humans do from time to time".

I would get her checked over, just in case (as, like I said, if it is nausea, that nausea can be a sign of something).

It could also be stress related..has anything changed at all in her environment/life? Does she get proper food/play/etc etc?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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