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Hey All,

I recently took my little guy Goober to the vet for his annual checkup. He's just under 2 years old and I mentioned to the vet that I noticed he had...pardon my language here...hillbilly teeth. There was a small gap between his front 2 teeth and some of his other front ones seemed to be very close to the gum line. The vet gave him a good look and said that quite a few of his front teeth were broken! :-?

I adopted Goober from the ASPCA when he was 4 months old and he was listed as an owner surrender. He's always been pretty shy. I'm the only one that he really trusts and opens up around. He'll run away from anyone else, and sometimes won't eat if he knows I'm not in the house.

He doesn't have any trouble eating dry, but he does tend to prefer wet food. I've always mixed the two since he and my other cat were little, but my question is, what could cause his teeth to break like that? Nothing has ever happened to him while I had him, so I'm assuming he was like this when I got him. Could he have been abused when he was little? Would that explain his extreme shyness and fear of other people?

Here's my little man by the Christmas tree!
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