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Bud - black female short hair - Northeastern Ohio

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Hi all,

Bud was adopted by a man in his mid-twenties because his girlfriend (my co-worker) had a cat. Since he and his girlfriend broke up, Bud has been living in a small cage in his mother's garage with no food or water. If we don't find a home for Bud soon, she will be sent to a farm to fend for herself. My co-worker is going to take the cat to live with her and her cat, Sebastion, until a new home can be found for Bud. She can't keep her because her apartment complex does not allow pets. They tolerate the one she's got, but she's not supposed to have him and he could be removed at any time (I'm trying to get her to move).

Bud will be a year old come Valentine's day and has not been spayed or declawed and she probably needs her shots. She is extremely friendly and grew up with another cat. She is black all over and has green eyes. I will try to post a pic later today if you are interested. I'm sure Bud will understand if you want to change her name.

I would be willing to drive Bud to a forever home in Ohio, western Pennsylvania, northwestern West Virginia, or southern Michigan.
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I tried to talk my girlfriend into adopting her, Anissa. She said no... and unfortunately, she's probably right. (I'm the voice of reason in the relationship except when it comes to cats, lol.)

I'm going to pass the word.
I'm jealous :wink: But happy to hear this nonetheless. :D
Maybe you could go with a theme with Bud's new name? Perhaps the name of another St Bernard from a movie? (not Beethoven..) or another rabid animal from a movie? :wink:
I hope they become very close buds. :) It makes it more fun for you, lol.
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