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Bud - black female short hair - Northeastern Ohio

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Hi all,

Bud was adopted by a man in his mid-twenties because his girlfriend (my co-worker) had a cat. Since he and his girlfriend broke up, Bud has been living in a small cage in his mother's garage with no food or water. If we don't find a home for Bud soon, she will be sent to a farm to fend for herself. My co-worker is going to take the cat to live with her and her cat, Sebastion, until a new home can be found for Bud. She can't keep her because her apartment complex does not allow pets. They tolerate the one she's got, but she's not supposed to have him and he could be removed at any time (I'm trying to get her to move).

Bud will be a year old come Valentine's day and has not been spayed or declawed and she probably needs her shots. She is extremely friendly and grew up with another cat. She is black all over and has green eyes. I will try to post a pic later today if you are interested. I'm sure Bud will understand if you want to change her name.

I would be willing to drive Bud to a forever home in Ohio, western Pennsylvania, northwestern West Virginia, or southern Michigan.
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I'm jealous :wink: But happy to hear this nonetheless. :D
Where exactly in Ohio do you live Annissa?
Check your PMs, Aonir. I don't like to post exactly where I am online. :)
Can you imagine if Bean posted exactly where HE was?! He'd wake up the next morning with Moby snatched away from him! :lol:
Faile, this is wonderful! I am full of envy too. ::)) Annissa and Aonir, you are angels!

Shlanon, as long as kittygirl is around, Bean should not sleep too soundly! :wink:
Faile and I thought you would like to know that Bud was tested for FIV and Feline Leukemia and both tests came back negative. Physically, she is in good health. Currently, she has fleas, but Elyse and I have given her her first dose of Revolution flea treatment and she should be free of fleas when she goes to live with Faile and Cujo in February.

February is right around the corner, and we'll want to hear all about your meeting and how Bud settles in! :) It's great to hear the test results are negative.
That is wonderful news! Have a safe trip and we are looking forward to see how it goes :D
I was so excited to read this thread! I immediately started thinking of friends who live in that area -- that kitty is gorgeous. She reminds me of a cat named Angel who I almost got, and still regret NOT getting. I was even going to offer to be part of a driving chain -- I live in Wisconsin. But it looks like you figured it out. ;) You two are wonderful and I can't wait to hear how everything goes.
bud is now with me, hiding under my bathtub. :wink: she's pretty freaked out, tomorrow i am going to pick up some feliway and see if that helps. she spent most of the ride home sleeping in my lap, i even got some head rubs and a little purring out of her.

it seems cujo missed me a lot the weekend i was gone, apparently he gave my bf no end of trouble. he's not even really interested in the bathroom where bud is, but maybe thats just cause he's happier to see me.he's acting a little crazy too, though.

i'll keep everyone posted on their progress... and in the mean time, i have no idea what to re-name bud. suggestions?
Jazz. :cry: She reminds me a lot of Jazz -- scared at first and beautiful, and a happy ending to what could have been sad story. And Jazz used to be the same way for car rides -- laying right in my lap the whole time.

I'm not great at naming cats unless I see them. But I'll toss a few out. I dunno if you're going for pretty or cute names. Sheba, Ashe, Annie (rescued orphan;)) Venus, Jupiter, Cleo, Azrael, Phoebe, Pelusa, (ball of fur in Spanish) Velvet, Raven, Poe, (Edgar Allen -- as in the poem about the black raven)....sorry I'm not great at this. I'm just so excited for you.
well, so far there's been some major hissage coming from under the door... she seems to not like cujo sniffing around. she hasn't eaten anything since i've had her, so i gave her some wet food, i think she was eating that.

so far names i've been tossing around: half-pint, isis, persephone, obsidian, willow....
ok, she has eaten and used the box. she's very confused i think, me and my bf were in the bathroom with herand she was head rubbing us but at the same time hissing and growling. she's still hissing and growling under the door at cujo.
Awww. Poor Bud. I missed her while I was driving home. I'm glad you guys made it home ok.

Elyse and I were talking right before we met up and I said that Lily would be a nice name for her. We'd been listening to The Secret Garden on the way to Chicago. :) Bud is so small and delicate. Some of my favorite names for girl kitties is Asuka (pronounced OSK-ah) and Rei (both from Evangelion). I also like Ayesha. I like Willow, but I also like Cordelia. :)

It sounds like she's reacting to Cujo the same way she reacted to Elyse's Sebastian. But they were good friends within three days. I hope it happens as quickly for you.
faile said:
well, so far there's been some major hissage coming from under the door... she seems to not like cujo sniffing around. she hasn't eaten anything since i've had her, so i gave her some wet food, i think she was eating that.

so far names i've been tossing around: half-pint, isis, persephone, obsidian, willow....
I love the names Isis and Willow for her. I knew a black cat named Willow -- she had half of her ear cut off because she was a feral cat originally. She was so sweet. And those two are names that you could actually *call* her, you know? But if you plan on calling her "baby or sweetie or kitty" most of the time, then a longer name doesn't really matter. ;)
Maybe you could go with a theme with Bud's new name? Perhaps the name of another St Bernard from a movie? (not Beethoven..) or another rabid animal from a movie? :wink:
we figured it out! her name is going to be (drumroll please)............................. kat!

she's named after kat bjelland of 'babes in toyland' fame. if you don't know, babes in toyland was an all girl punk band fronted by a tiny little lady with a big growly voice (kat).
my bf and i were commenting on how such scary growly noises could come from such a sweet little face, and he said "she sounds like kat bjelland!" we both agreed it was perfect.

i'll see if i can find some samples of the music, but i have to go to work now.
And so it came to pass that Bud became known as Kat.

What a neat story this has been to follow. I am glad to have seen how everything came together the way it did. Since I drove almost 500 miles to get Angel, I can relate to some of your own journey.

Congratulations on your newest baby.

Kat is great! Babes in Toyland is also a very very old musical that I loved when I was a child. I am guessing the musical was around before the punk band. ;)
This is my day for good news! I'm so pleased that you and Kat have already bonded! I'm sure she'll soon make friends with Cujo. I can hear you calling them now, ""Kee kee Cujo, kee kee Kat!" :D It makes sense. What a wonderful story. Keep us updated on the friendship as it develops, ok?
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