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Hi guys, I know I haven't been on here in FOREVER, but I had to drop in, because, yet again, there are baby bunnies in the animal room at my school! They're three days old... born Tuesday. They are unbelievably adorable, but there are TEN OF THEM!!! We have no idea what we're going to do... some of you might remember me talking about this problem in the past. Anyway, she had twelve, and ten survived. Of course, no one will admit that they had anything to do with the bunny getting pregnant... mostly because there are huge signs everywhere saying "DO NOT LET BUNNIES FROM DIFFERENT CAGES PLAY TOGETHER" and someone apparently completely ignored them. Anyway, baby bunnies are still really really cute!!

(by the way, these were taken with my new digital camera... i finally decided to buy one after borrowing my parents' so often)

The mom first:

Now for the babies:

Aren’t they adorable???

So what have I missed since I started getting so busy with schoolwork that I’m about to die of stress? :D
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