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Hi everyone!

I've had my 5 year old adopted kitty for just under 3 weeks. 3 days after I got her I took her for a vet check and the stool sample was negative for worms. 3 days later she started scooting. 4 days later a return trip to the vet, anal sacs perfect, no problem.
She's still scooting. Vet has prescribed an anti histamine for itching.
Any ideas??
She's a short hair.
Negative for worms.
I never see cling-ons.
She is on doxycycline for an URI bc she was sneezing when I brought her home.
Her stool is well formed, but was a bit firm so I added canned pumpkin. It softened up but is still well formed.
I'm taking another sample to the vet bc I think it's very dark in color.
Anyone else had a similar experience? Really tired of cleaning up skid marks...
Thanks for any ideas :fust
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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