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He has an appointment for Wednesday morning, but was wondering if anyone had any ideas...

I adopted a 2 year old (approx) male Maine **** cat from a cat rescue last year.
Byron saw a vet for vaccines, etc. while at the rescue and then again to my own vet for a check-up. Has not been to a vet in over 6 months.

He has always shed alot and my vet commented on dry skin, so I have added oily fish to his diet (per vet).

Good appetite (solid gold dry + wet food variety). Drinks water regularly. Plenty of energy. Very vocal. Affectionate. Well-balanced personality. Sporadic peeing & pooping in inappropriate places that has been attributed to his previous home (small studio w/ 10 maine coons).

For about a week he has been shedding even more than usual. At first I thought it might be because the heater has been on more, but the past few days I've realized that the hair is coming out in clumps. Yesterday I really inspected him:
-found bald spots (remember he is a double-coated long hair cat)
-lesions on his skin. They are oblong, varying sizes. Scabbed. Not red.
-hair feels dry & looks dull.
-eyes are clear.
-ears are clean.

He is an indoor cat but escaped Tuesday before Thanksgiving (was found after 30 minutes).

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to me it sounds like maybe a flea allergy. 2 of my cats have that allergy, all it takes is just 1 flea to set off the allergic reaction.
winnie loses her fur in clumps, and roo gets those bald spots,and they both start getting scabby areas. that's how i can tell when we need to get the advantage.

let us know what the vet says.
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