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Bienvenue to our Kitty Family!!

I'd like to thank the Academy..and Google for helping me stumble upon I am a mother of two beautiful human and one feline :D and I am admittedly obsessed with their health. Both of my girls have some sort of allergy/hyper-sensitivity. My daughter has it with chocolate (life is soo unfair! :cry:) and my 3 year old Snowshoe, Lily, has a skin allergy. My daughter only has issues around Easter but Lily has had the skin problems since birth.

I rescued Lily at about 4 months old from a neighbor who threw her outside in 100+ degree weather because she had started kitty puberty. The neighbor kept her locked in a dark bathroom with a litterless litter box, an empty water bowl, and her also maturing brother. Long story short I rescued her from all of the above and (ignorantly) have been feeding her kibble for the past 3 years. She is a short haired cat and has ALWAYS shed horribly and I've never known why. At times, she will lick herself in one of two specific places until she bleeds. She is also overweight. About 3 months ago I switched her from Purina Indoor to Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Weight Control thinking I was paying $10 more per bag for the benefit of her health...WRONG!!!!!! She actually gained weight and was constantly hungry. I was super worried about her getting arthritis or heart disease from her weight.

I had heard about raw feeding for dogs so I googled raw feeding for cats. AND TAAADAAAA!!!! There you were!! I have read through about every post since 2009 and have taken notes. Lily has been on Frankenprey since 4/12 and I cannot even begin to tell you the immediate differences. No more hair loss AT ALL, already down at least 3 or 4 ounces in weight, and she stays full.

So thank you for the great resources and support this website has provided...even before I registered :thumb


Kristyn, Nyla, & Lily
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