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I see Waffles, but it that Kodak, too? So precious!:heart:heart:heart
Yep. Waffles and Kodak are like two peas in a pod, always chasing and playing together. I could not have asked for a better integration.

My older boys, Romy and Teeb, are 12 now, and they don't really play with Waffles, but Kodak and Monkeys both are good with him.

I've never followed introduction rules over the years, I guess because before I joined the forums here, I didn't know any better. I figure I should count myself lucky. Of course I get the few days of hissing at one another, but that happens if I even take one to the vet for the day, but outside of that, I've never had an issue introducing another cat into this house.

Thinking about it now, that is kind of dangerous since I have the inability to say no. As a matter of fact, the girl who found Waffles when he was 3 weeks old, found one of his siblings in her back yard. (also being stalked by the same tom that went after Waffles and gave him such a bad abscess) I pray she brings him into her home before he gets hurt, but I cannot take another.
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