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Guessing their adult weight will be around 10lbs, then 4% of that I'm getting about 6.4oz a day but they are little piggies so I've been giving about 7oz each. Right now I am only feeding them raw food Mon-Fri then canned on the weekends.
Meat- 28oz
Bone- 3.5oz
Liver- 1.75oz
Organ- 1.75oz

This is the menu I've got for now:
Mon&Fri: (Wed is the same except they get a turkey neck instead of a chicken rib or wing)
Breakfast-2.3oz chicken thigh
Dinner- chicken wing or ribs then enough heart to make the meal 2.3oz
Before bed- 0.58 kidney and 1.72 chicken thighs
They also get a treat of sardines on Friday.

Breakfast- 2.3oz chicken gizzards
Dinner- 2.3oz meat (I rotate between beef, lamb, pork and duck on these days)
Before bed- 0.875 liver and 1.4oz meat

Is there anything that needs to be changed or added?

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This looks pretty good to me, Melissa. It's a bit heavy on chicken, though... could you maybe rotate breakfast on Mon, Wed & Fri through beef, lamb, pork, duck and chicken thighs, instead of feeding "just" thighs?

Even if you can't, this looks pretty good. Congrats!


I owe you a huge apology, Melissa. I offered to calculate your cats' food requirements if you'd post their weight. You did, I didn't. In fact, I only just stumbled across that unanswered post this morning (while searching for something completely different).

Looks like you were able to get those numbers anyway, but I am still sorry for not responding as I said I would.

Best regards!

No worries! I understand people get busy.
Thanks for your opinion. I will start adding in more meats.
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