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My cat cries when the tv gets turned off... even if it's from another room.
When it gets turned off it makes a sound that doesn't seem that bad. The cat will start crying wherever he is and then he'll walk through the living room to make sure we know he's crying and mad about it and he'll cry for sometimes 5-10 minutes.
We thought this was funny, but we've also wondered if it hurts his ears or something?? But, he will even come running from the kitchen or bedroom to cry if he hears it get turned off.
He does watch it, so maybe he just likes it and doesn't want us to turn it off??

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I was thinking that maybe the cat just enjoyed the tv being on and cried when you turned it off. I'm not sure. A friend of mine has to go to her mom's (if her mom is out shopping, etc.) and turn the tv on for her mom's dog to watch Law and Order. She swears that Ben, the dog, loves Law and Order and insists that he get to watch it every week!!!

I guess I can relate--I like to have the radio or tv on when I am home--it makes me feel comforted. I can't stand silence and it makes me feel like I'm not alone.
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