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Hello! I am new to this forum. A little history from the past couple months.

My sweet baby boy Iago of 13 years started losing weight rapidly at the end of the summer and lost interested in his dry diet of prescription metabolic. He also started vomiting bile more frequently so we decided to do an ultra sound after ruling out fungal, infection, and all the other possibilities.

My vet found nodules in his lungs and stomach and suspected cancer. I then went to a specialist for a consultation and she said it was most likely cancer. Surgery was not option since it had spread throughout the body and he likely had weeks to live. I am crushed. :(

She offered to do a biopsy in the stomach and lungs but made it clear that chemo treatment may worsen his quality life and may only give him another month or so, but it would be mor stressful. I decided not to do the aspirations to find out exactly what cancer it was since this specialist said it may just be more stressful on him. Then there was the risk of anesthesia that always freaks me out on an overweight elder cat. She prescribed him prednisolone and I have been giving him cbd I got from my vet. He stopped taking his pills and I’ve stopped trying to trick him because once he realizes I’m hiding them in a food or treat he swears off it completely until I offer something new, medicine free. But it can’t be the same food or treat.

He plays, jumps, looks out the window, still cuddles with us, is overall petty normal, besides losing a couple pounds (which he could afford to because he was a big cat, just wish it wasn’t this way :( and vomiting.

Now. The problem I’m facing the most. Poop.

We switched him to wet food which kept his weight stable and just overall better for him I know. Plus he loves it. But he has a sensitive stomach and he is a picky eater now so it took me a while to find something he liked since he hated prescriptions. He chewed down on clack oat fancy feast. But then I noticed he wasn’t pooping as much, and it was harder and clay colored. Then, he started straining and pooping small amounts of liquid with bright red blood at the end, stopped eating, and continued to vomit,

Before a blizzard hit last Sunday, I took him to emergency vet. They gave me lacutose for Iago after successfully giving him an enema. The vet initially just recommended the lacutose at first because he wasn’t super backed up, but with the storm coming I didn’t want to risk not getting back to normal.

He came home and it was a success. But he no longer wanted anything to do with fancy feast wet food.

So I got some generic Purina one dry cat food. I know it’s not the best but at this point I needed him to eat and he wouldn’t touch all these expensive prescription diets so I fed him dry food for a few days and his poop went back to normal, no blood. I was overjoyed. I didn’t force any more of the laxative after everything looked normal.

However, I didn’t think he was getting enough food though so I got some of those Sheba perfect portions and he loooooves them. I was feeding him half and half of the dry and the poops became smaller. The last two days he had mostly the wet since he gobbles them up, but now he’s constipated again. I gave him his meds and he just poop liquid like after the enema, and it still had a trace of blood.

I’m scared to keep giving him wet food. He seems to be better on dry but this doesn’t make sense tE me. My doctor gave me Mirataz to stimulate his eating but I haven’t used it yet since he was eating enough with the Sheba portions.

I’ve called my vet and she’s going to call me back in a bit. I consult with her often, but I was just looking for anyone else’s experiences or two centers. I’m so confused, trying to make him comfortable and avoid enemas and X-ray and all that especially since they don’t suspect he has much time to live,

Thank you,
Hannah and Iago


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Welcome. Given what you have written about his situation... I don't think it matters if it makes sense to you. Sounds like he has limited time. This lower quality dry food seems to be something he enjoys, his system seems to work a bit better with it, so his quality of life is improved.

If the diagnosis is accurate then quality of life day to day is your goal. With you watching closely to see if things go downhill and then acting quickly to end suffering..

I hope you have many more days/weeks/months with Iago. He looks like a grand cat! :)
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