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Well the kittens should be weaned on their own time naturally. You can start mixing some chicken with chicken broth baby food with some of the kitten dry food now. Thats okay if you have to seperate the mama while they feed. It's kinda funny My Bengal queen is named Lily short for LiLCritter and she is like that about her wet food. She really freaks and start talking if she shes me go near the drawer I keep the food. Sunce she is nursing her kittens she may need more nutrition than she's getting. I wasn't clear how much you feed mama... You said you give her 1/2 can twice a day? Is she on dry food too? You would definately need to feed her more if thats all she is getting. Read the directions on her canned food. It will tell you 1 can per 4 pounds or something like that. If it's just a supplement and she is on dry food as well. Ignore her behaviour. She's just over excited about her food. Don't reward her for that or she will drive you crazy.

What kind of cat is your Lilly? Do you have pictures to post? Good Luck with them!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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